10 x 10 x 31 Challenge


 I participated in the Strada Easel Challenge, where I created 31 paintings from life (no photos!) in the 31 days of January. This was especially challenging, as I was in Disneyworld for several days, where I could not bring a tripod, so I challenged myself to use mediums that I don’t have much experience in, ie Gouache and Watercolor. I created 31 paintings, each of which will is 10” x 10”(my choice). At the end of the challenge, all my paintings were be posted for sale at a reduced rate of 10 x 10=$100, and I donated 31% of my proceeds to the National Center for Transgender Equality, a group whose work is so important and meaningful to me. https://transequality.org/

Some of these paintings are still available and can be purchased on Daily Paintworks.