It all started when...

My mother has painted, on and off her entire life.  My father is a crafty guy.  There was never any question whose genes I had inherited- my story was I had no artistic ability whatsoever. 

During a rainy day in February of 2016, while on vacation, suffering from intense boredom, my Mother suggested we take out some paint.  I thought it was a terrible idea, but having no lives left on Candy Crush, I reluctantly agreed to try it.  An hour later, I had created the painting you see above, and my life was forever changed.  The next day, (when it was sunny!) I suggested we paint again, and when I returned home, I bought a set of acrylic paint at the craft store and didn't look back. 

I tell this story whenever I can, because saying "yes" to something that held little appeal ended up being the most pivotal and important moment in my life.  I hope that someone I meet will say yes to singing, say yes to a first date, or say yes to a volunteer position.  So, what do you think?  Would you say yes?